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Weather Protection Cream

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Protection for delicate baby skin in harsh weather

Little rosy cheeks glow in the cold, perfectly protected with a rich, natural balm of Weather Protection Cream.


Outdoor babies love fresh air, but delicate new skin isn’t yet ready to provide perfect protection. Top up the natural barrier and protect your baby's face and hands from the effects of the cold, wind and harsh weather. This cream blends in easily and is ideal to protect the sensitive skin of children and adults.

This rich balm contains organic almond oil to care for dry skin and a soothing extract of organic calendula to soothe. Pure beeswax and gentle lanolin provide a natural protective layer without impairing the skin's natural functions.

Formulated with midwives, Mums, and Weleda’s own fifty years of experience with baby products.


Reliable and efficient protection against harsh weather. Water-free balm nourishes, soothes and creates a barrier against elements. Dermatologically proven skin-friendly even on very sensitive skin.